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Sun & Smiles


A truly miscellaneous collection of photos and memories – dedicated to good times and where the only eligibility criteria cosists of sunshine, blue skies and smiling people!

Taken over many years, this serves as a homage to our firends and family.

Not in chronological order, the images will load in a flexible manner until there is no more screen space. If you wish to enlarge any particular image, click on it and a lightbox will generate which then presents a set of controls below the image and allows transition effects and flow.

If you scroll down new images will be loaded.


2016-09-24 At Lac Du Bourget (4)
Shoena, Annalie and Josie at Siam Park - 15th Feb 2015
Shoena shovelling kids at Comrie Croft - 11th July 2015
Shoena on the Namibian dunes - 15th April 2008
Shoena and Justin in Madrid - 3rd June 2007
Nigel at Blair Drummond Safari Park - 4th June 2013
Nigel and Karagh with Josie at 13MG - 1st Feb 2015
JPDF and ducks in the paddling pool - 12thAug 2014