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Where to begin? How about the commonalities between South Africa and Scotland? Only after moving to the UK in ’97 did I realise this. Evident in the cultural but also geographic; it’s remarkable how many Scottish themes/names played a role in my South African childhood without me realising. Pitlochry (town in Scotland, yet school I went to as a child), Aberfeldy (town in Scotland, yet street I grew up in Durban), Dundee, Scottburgh, Aberdeen (town names for both Scotland and SA)… the list goes on. Also, it turns out that my maternal grandfather served in the Transvaal Scottish Regiment during the Second World War and he got married wearing the battalion’s ceremonial tartan and kilt (Murray of Atholl). Fast forward a few years and I thought it would be good to get married in the same outfit, whilst living in Scotland at that! Cue a very happy wife and mother. I’m sure Roy would’ve been proud.


As mentioned elsewhere on my website, it’s difficult to simplify what’s great about Scotland. Edinburgh itself is beautiful – architecturally, historically, aesthetically. Further North there are countless loch’s, villages and views and folk that capture the soul. At least the Loch Ness monster has been debunked. Golf, whiskey, the list of attractions goes on! Not in chronological order, the images will load in a flexible manner until there is no more screen space. If you wish to enlarge any particular image, click on it and a lightbox will generate which then presents a set of controls below the image and allows transition effects and flow. If you scroll down new images will be loaded.

Scottish highlands
Bass Rock, not far from North Berwick
View of the Forth bridges
Rainbow over runway 24 threshold, Edinburgh airport 15th May 2013
Moody loch side
Overhead Glasgow during Springtime - 13th March 2013
Gladstone resevoir aka Nelly the Elephant - 18th Feb 2013
Pease bay