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Pleasure flying…

An ongoing collection, these photos include flying in American, British and South African airspace.

The American travels are from Floridian, Californian, Nevada and Pennsylvania areas. As for Britain, they incorporate England as well as various locations in Scotland such as the Isle of Mull, Loch Ness, Edinburgh and neighbouring vicinity. South Africa amounts to Durban North. At some point, I’d like to obtain a sea-plane rating, ideally in Canada.

Not in chronological order, the images will load in a flexible manner until there is no more screen space. If you wish to enlarge any particular image, click on it and a lightbox will generate which then presents a set of controls below the image and allows transition effects and flow.

If you scroll down new images will be loaded.


Grumman AAA5 - N1549R
Have AVGAS, will travel
Oban from the air
Highly uncommon Mammatus clouds